Listing of Time Capsule Contents

Contents of old Time Capsule

Copy of the Lippard Report

Photograph of Dr. J. Hillis Miller

Five volume set- Medical Center Study

Senate Bill #26

Letter to Dr. George T. Harrell from J.Hillis Miller, dated December 19,1952

Certificate from Oak Ridge Institute accompanying carbon 14 capsule

Letter to Dr. John MacLachlan from J. Hillis Miller dated February 9, 1953

Carbon 14 capsule from Oak Ridge

J. Hillis Miller Address before the Duval County Medical Society and Representatives from Adjoining Counties April 1, 1952



Individual college contributions


Dean’s Letter

Straumann Titanium Dental Implant

Admissions Pamphlet

Dispersalloy Restorative Material

Patient Diagnosis and Periodontal Chart

Two College of Dentistry Pens (Orange and Blue)

College of Dentistry Label

Stress Tooth

Data Sheet-GeneChip® Human Genome Arrays:  The Most Comprehensive Coverage of all Well-Substantiated Genes in the Human Genome

College of Dentistry Magnet

Gator Dentist Today, Fall 2005

College of Dentistry Chip Clip

List of UFCD Time Capsule Items

Durafill® VS Restorative Material

Florida Probe CD

Florida Probe® Dental Probe

T-shirt Shaped Bottle Cover

Gene Chip

Oral-B Soft Toothbrush

College Pliers





Keychain- wrist lanyard

IDP Pamphlet-Information for Prospective Students.

Harrell History of Medicine brochure

Pamphlet:  A resource for Financing Medical Education

Alumni Association Keychain

Directions to the Office of Admissions and the Nearest Restroom

T-shirt Shaped Alumni Association Bottle Cover

COM Pamphlet

Maren Room brochure

Powerpoint Presentation on Student Financial Affairs

Donation pamphlet for the Dr. Hugh “Smiley” Hill Scholarship Fund

Powerpoint-Update on the Performance of UF College of Medicine Students on the NBME Subject Examinations and the USMLE

Class of 2009 Sticker

Information on the Medical Sciences Research Program

2005 College of Medicine Alumni Reunion and Barbeque Pamphlet

Info on the Equal Access Clinic

Florida Physician, Summer 2005

Info on the Office of Global Health

Genetics Institute Pamphlet

Info on the McKnight Brain Institute

Info on Shands at UF Level 1 Trauma Center

Info. On Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation

Pamphlet:  Your Pathway to Medicine at the University of Florida

Shands Timeline

What is the Evelyn F. and William L. McKnight Brain Institute of the University of Florida? [pamphlet]

College of Medicine Folder

Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience Pamphlet

Pamphlet for The Chapman Society

Copy of Panacea, Fall 2006

AIM for Africa- creation of first Arts in Medicine program with cooperative input from COM

Dean’s letter


COM 50th Anniversary

50th anniversary celebration- monogrammed wineglass from April Research Day festivities

50th anniversary celebration- letter openers from March 10 Legends and Leaders banquet

50th anniversary celebration- key chain from April Research Day facilities

50th anniversary celebration- ornament from Dean Tisher

50th Anniversary Pin

50th pin, pen and pad packet

50th Magnifying glass

50th Research Day program

50th invitation for alumni reception

50th invitation for Legends and Leaders banquet

50th Invitation to end of year celebration

50th invitation to Retired Faculty Dinner

50th Anniversary Florida Physician

50th Medical student day schedule and treasure hunt papers

50th anniversary photo frame with historical photograph

50th COM events card

50th anniversary poster of Dr. Harrell’s medical bag

50th Anniversary Christmas Tree Ornament

Smiley Hill memorial CD produced for Alumni 50th Celebration- by Jack Cheng



2004-2005 Resident Manual on CD

Stress Brain


UF Jax Keychain

DVD-Dr. Pulido Orientation Video:  Role of a Resident

20th Anniversary of Trauma One Pin

Jelly Cell Mate

Student Handbook, 2005-2006

Body Mass Index Calculator

Duration of Pregnancy Calculator


College of Nursing Label

50th anniversary umbrella

The Gator Nurse Newsletter, Fall 2002

50th anniversary card with schedule of events

The Gator Nurse Newsletter, Summer 2005

CON Dean’s letter

Health Professions/Nursing/Pharmacy Complex Dedication Program

The Gator Nurse Newsletter Spring 2006 Celebrating 50 Years

Nursing Pin

The Gator Nurse Newsletter Summer 2006 Celebrating 50 Years

December 2004 Biennial Report

50th Anniversary Gala and Reunion, November 17 & 18 invitation


Dean’s Letter

2005 Ken Finger Pharmacy Golf Classic Shirt

Registration Information for the 12th Annual Ken Finger Memorial Day and CE Program

Gatorx, Spring 2005

Pamphlet for the 19th Annual College of Pharmacy Alumni Reunion Barbecue and CE Program

College of Pharmacy Label

Public Health and Health Professions

Dean’s Letter

PHHP Photo Frame

Stress Gator

PHHP Decal

Team PHHP Shirt

PHHP Sticker

Team PHHP Jersey


Photo Clip

PHHP Pamphlet-“University of Florida Public Health:  Shaping Tomorrow’s Health…Today!”

Map of Horse Farm Tours Cycling Route, October 2, 2005

PHHP Label

Map of Horse Farm Hundred Cycling Route, October 1, 2005

PHHP News, Summer 2005

2006 Planner/Pocket Pal

PHHP News, Winter 2005


2005 Biennial Report

PHHP Postcard


Veterinary Medicine


College of Veterinary Medicine Label

Team Vet Med Bicycle Jersey

UF CVM Research Booklet

CVM Pet Food Lid

UF CVM Silver Anniversary Calendar

Best Friends DVD

The 2005 North American Veterinary Conference Official Program Book

25th Annual Horse Farm Hundred Bicycle Route, October 2, 2005

Picture Directory 2004-2005

2005 Horse Farm Hundred Pamphlet

Large Animal Hospital Referral Newsletter, 2005, Vol. 2

2004-2005 Fact Sheet

Inventory List

College of Veterinary Medicine Pamphlet with James P. Thompson’s Business Card Attached

Class of 2009 Freshman Composite

Pad of Paper

The Florida Veterinarian Newsletter, Summer 2005

Stack of Business Cards

Tales from the UFVMC Newsletter, Summer 2005

UF CVM Alumni Sticker

Dean’s Letter

HSC Libraries

Letter to the Future from Faith A. Meakin

Print copy of textbook and companion audiobook on CD: Wound Care Nursing- A Guide to Practice

Library information CD (Webpages, online tutorials, user manuals, virtual tour, staff list)

Print copy of medical journal: January 11, 2006 Copy of JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association

Circulation Desk Scanning Pen (for reading barcodes on materials)

Personal digital assistant (handheld computer) from Faith Meakin

University of Florida ID Card (Gator1) and HSC Libraries lanyard

Changing the Face of Medicine pamphlet and library activity schedule



VP’s office/50th anniversary celebrations

Pad of Paper

Banner advertising November 4,2005 Faculty and Staff Appreciation Luncheon

50th Anniversary Pin

Post June 2004 Article on the history of the HSC

Hippo Figurine from HIPAA Office

Post April 2005 Article with the first mention of the 50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary Stickers

Post June 2005 Article with first request for suggestions for Time Capsule contents

Privacy Violations poster from HIPAA Office

Post September 2005 Article with some suggestions for items to include in the capsule.

Health Science Center:  Senior Vice President’s Office Label

Post February 2006 Article on the time capsule

Flyer for the HSC Faculty and Staff 50th Anniversary Appreciation Luncheon

Three ring binder with printed copies of time capsule survey responses.

Gainesville Sun Article, November 5, 2005 on Faculty Staff Appreciation Day

Post April 2006 article on Dr. Harrell

Post June 2006 article on history of caring for the community

Post July 2006 Library Changing the Face of Medicine exhibit schedule

Post October 2006 Article on women in the health science center and Time Capsule announcement

Post September 2006 Article on first medical school class

Letter from Senior Vice President, Health Affairs, Dr. D. Barrett


Day-to-day living and typical experiences


Contributed by

Reason for inclusion

Bottle of Gatorade

Nina S-R

Gatorade was invented by a COM faculty member and has proved a huge money maker- as well as revolutionizing sports.  It has achieved iconic status.

February 2004 Post article on Dr. Cade, inventor of Gatorade

Beth Powers

Dr Cade also has become extremely well known in the Health Center because of his invention.

Pepsico 2005 report

H. James Free

Pepsico is now owner and marketer of Gatorade

Pink and purple bracelets

Nina S-R

Since Lance Armstrong started the yellow Live Strong bracelets, there has been an explosion of different colored bracelets representing different causes- and simply fashion, as many kids buy and wear multicolors to be cool.  The pink is for breast cancer awareness, the purple is marketed by Borders to promote literacy.

White “One” bracelet

Nicole Demers

Part of Bono’s campaign to help the poorest people of the world overcome AIDS and extreme poverty.

Max-Life bracelet for juvenile diabetes

Tom Harris

Another example of how important these bracelets have become

Orange and Blue UF bracelets

COM Admissions Office

Provided for admitted students coming to first “Second Look” event.

Package of Live Strong Bracelets

Ordered by Eileen Parris

These bracelets started a major trend.  They also  represent Lance Armstrong, who survived testicular cancer and went on to win 6 Tour De France races.

Cell Phone

Maria Bolanos

How about a cell phone?  It seems that we can't live without them nowadays and we use them both for professional and personal business.

Plush Gator with sound effects

Stephanie Ros-Romero

Because people are such rabid Gator fans

Blue Scrubs

Fred Pedroletti

Because it is easy to identify a College of Dentistry student in the hallway wearing blue scrubs

Pens from pharmaceutical companies- Topamax and Axert

Robert Watson

Because pharmaceutical representatives and give aways are such ubiquitous part of everyday life!

Pharmaceutical giveaways- Keppra “page bites” & Mirapex jar opener

Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig

Pharmaceutical company representatives spend a lot of time on campus, meeting with physicians and providing free food, and other incentives.

Entertainment Weekly Best of 2005

Sherita Holmes

A good synopsis of popular culture in 2005

Listing of Causes of Death 1900-2002

Eileen Parris

Because causes change because of medical advances

Gator Nation orange pen and blue pen

Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig

The Gator Nation campaign just started and is an interesting attempt to develop a sense of belonging

Poster of the Brain Institute- part of Gator Nation campaign

Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig


UF Strategic Plan and Carol Walker’s card

Carol Walker

To see how much the campus and plans for the campus will have changed…

Materials for a modern dental exam

Gail Mitchell, COD

Since the onset of AIDS and greater awareness of microbial infection, dental exams have become sterile and require equipment for the dentist and patient to prevent the accidental passage of infection in either direction

Java City coffee cup


Java City originally had more or less of a monopoly in the Health Center.  Starbucks now occupies one of the two stands that Java City had!

Starbucks Coffee cup


In 2000, there were no Starbuck Coffee houses in Gainesville.  Now there are 6.  There is one in the lobby by the Sun Terrace that, during the day, always has a line of people waiting to pay $2 or 3 for a cup of coffee.

The cup is enclosed is a grande- which used to be a medium size.  Then Starbucks resized the names of their cups- small became tall, medium became grande, and so on…

Wendy’s spoon, napkin, salt and pepper, straw and pamphlet with nutritional information

Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig

This Wendy’s is one of the busiest in the country, because it is in the hospital and is open late at night.  There are many hours where Wendy’s is the only option available.  It will be interesting to see how our understanding of nutrition and the depiction of the food pyramid will change in 50 years.

Wendy’s toys from a kids meal- Jimmy Neutron

Lori Eubanks

Wendy’s is a ubiquitous part of life in the Health Science Center- and kids meals are an interesting phenomenon- mini-sized meals that come with toys!

Promotional brochures, events in Gainesville

Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig

What will people do for entertainment 50 years from now?  Will the same places be open?

Small bottle of Purell Hand Sanitizer

Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig

Antibacterial treatments and lotions are everywhere and the use of hand sanitizer rapidly became widespread.  There are bottles for use outside of every hospital room.

Binder with printouts of completed time capsule surveys


The materials in the binder document the process of selecting capsule contents

Parking Decal

Scott Fox

Parking is a major preoccupation of everyone at UF

Parking Ticket

Scott Fox

Parking tickets are also all too often a part of everyday life at UF

Gator One card

Madelaine Cajal

People are lost without their ID- from bus riding to gaining entry to various locked rooms to wearing ID in restricted areas, a Gator One card is essential for maneuvering through life at UF

NCAA Men’s National Champions baseball cap

Tom Harris

The men’s basketball team won the championship in 2006!  People may still be celebrating 50 years from now…

NCAA Men’s National Champions mini-football

Acquired by Cheryl O’Quinn

To remind people of the championship.  Will it still be inflated in 50 years?

F Book 2006-2007- brought to you by the UF Student Alumni Association


Since the 1960s, all incoming freshmen receive a copy of this guide to UF

Photocopy of The University News dated Thursday, October 18, 1906

UF Special collections

2006 is also the 100th anniversary of Gainesville as the site of UF

UF Annual Financial Report 2004-2005


For comparison with financial numbers in 2056

Gator Women’s Soccer


Women’s athletics have become increasingly important.

50th University of Florida J. Hillis Miller Health Science Center booklet

HSC- News and Communications Office

Historical record celebrating the 50th anniversary is important

Poster- 100 years of Florida football and 2006 fall schedule

Tom Harris

2006 is the year of another UF anniversary!

Explore magazine, Fall 2005


Article on simulators at UF COM: an important component of education in 2006

UF Office of  Technology Licensing Team calendar


Mentions several HSC researchers who hold significant patents- including Gatorade

Schedule cards for Florida football, soccer, volleyball and cross country

Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig

Demonstrates the importance of sports at UF


Dr. Lynn Romrell

A “uniform” for working in the hospital and, in particular, for first year medical students during anatomy!

White Coat

Dr. Lynn Romrell

A white coat is the symbol of medical professionalism- for physicians, nurses, and other health professionals as well as laboratory researchers.

Calculator- light powered from AmSouth Bank

Robert Watson

There were no calculators using integrated circuits 50 years ago- the first appeared in the mid-1960s.  Now, in addition to giveaways being common, and calculators are- or were- indispensable.  Will they still be useful in 50 years?


Robert Watson

PDAs now do everything, in addition to keeping schedules, acting as calculators, holding information about pharmaceuticals.  They are mini-computers.  50 years ago computers were giant main frames that occupied entire rooms.

Pearlcorder- recorder for dictating letters and patient reports

Robert Watson

This one uses a tape- probably soon to be overturned by digital versions that can be automatically translated to written words by computer programs, which means transcription will no longer be required.

Gator Football Student Ticket Stubs- 2006- Southern MS, Alabama and LA State Games
2005- FL State, Tennessee, LA Tech, Wyoming, MS State

Jay Vacchani, Class of 2009

Gator games are an integral part of life at UF- the campus is transformed for home games- from RVs in the parking lots to tailgate parties, to selling parking lots, everything changes and everyone is involved in some way